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Rules Review

Post  Tom G on Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:20 pm

Friendly reminder that we as a league voted to make some changes last year that will affect free agency. So there is no confusion later, I'm reposting them now for your convenience:

The free agency period will commence at 4:00 PM of March 1st. At this time, owners may place bids on free agents. After a bid is placed on a player, the “auction” on that player will close after a week of inactivity. On August 1st, all unresolved free agent bids will switch from a period of 1 week of inactivity to 72 hours of inactivity constituting a winning bid. On September 1st, all unresolved free agent bids will switch to 24 hours of inactivity constituting a winning bid, at which point all players will be considered “in season” free agents. Off-season free agency will take place via

You may not exceed 40 Players on your roster, nor may you exceed the salary cap during the off-season. All currently owned first and second round draft picks will count as a roster spots with corresponding cap hits when determining the number of players on your roster, due to the fact that the contracts are guaranteed and could potentially put you over the roster limit or salary cap. If you were to win a player while already having 40 roster spots filled, or without cap room, you will be given a week to make room for the new player. If you fail to make room for the player in that week, he will be returned to the free agent pool and bidding may re-start. In addition, the owner that failed to make the room will take a cap hit as a penalty.

The penalty will be structured as follows: Normally when a player is released, an owner receives 50% cap relief, which continues scaling down by 50% for each year on the contract. In the instance of a player who is forced to be released, the owner receives 90% relief in the first year, followed by the normal 50% each subsequent year. The spreadsheet will reflect the total of all possible cap hits from involuntarily cut players added together to create a single penalty for the current year. For example, a $50, 4 year player involuntarily released would create a one year cap penalty of 10.09. To come to this number, the formula is 10% of 50 (5) for what would potentially be the 1st year, then 5*1.1/2 (2.75), then 2.75*1.1/2 (1.5125), then 1.5125*1.1/2 (.831875). The 4 numbers in parentheses are then added together to create the cap penalty (5+2.75+1.5125+0.831875 rounded to 2 decimals) of 10.09.

Additionally, you may NOT complete a trade that puts your team over the 40 man roster limit or salary cap as a result of its completion. In this instance, there will be no grace period of 1 week. These will simply not be allowed

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Re: Rules Review

Post  Guest on Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:58 pm

Solid explanations. Thanks for posting!


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