Round 6: Official Picks

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Round 6: Official Picks

Post  Dan U on Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:45 am

PickOverallOwnerDayTime Slot Player PickedMin SalaryMin Years
151GrahamFriday July 13th8am-8pm10
252JasonFriday July 13th8pm-8am10
353DanSaturday July 14th8am-8pm10
454SarahSaturday July 14th8pm-8am10
555ToddSunday July 15th8am-8pm10
656CatSunday July 15th8pm-8am10
757TomMonday July 16th8am-8pm10
858RogerMonday July 16th8pm-8am10
959GrahamTuesday July 17th8am-8pm10
10 60 Josh LTuesday July 17th8pm-8am10

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